General Range PCD Company in India

General Range PCD Company in India

General Range PCD Company : Propaganda cum Distribution or PCD is the authority to distribute and market pharma products. It is a highly successful business model and allows all the participants to make a lot of money through this venture. One of the most successful pharma franchises would be Crystomed, a company known far and wide for its products. There are only advantages to being part of its franchises.

Monopoly Rights:

The company understands how important it is for its franchises to make a profit. Franchises are afraid of situations where their popularity attracts other franchises to open. This would lead to competition resulting in either price gouging or a reduction in profits. To prevent this, the company has decided that all its franchises will have the exclusive right to sell the products in a chosen area. Because there will be no other franchises in the chosen area selling the same products, franchises can be satisfied that their interests are taken care of.

Low risk, High returns:

The highest cost of a pharmaceutical company is the money spent on the research and development of new medicines. Franchise owners can escape this pitfall as they already have the product. They simply need to market and sell the products. Also, due to the high brand value of the products, customers will flock to these products, which will guarantee an income. Since products are also known, franchise owners can forecast the demand for the products.

The product line:

Due to the rigorous research conducted by General Range PCD Company there are a lot of products in their portfolio. Franchises get access to all of them. They are free to choose from antibiotics, Analgesics, Injectables, and even ortho. This will reduce the risk for these franchises as they have multiple products in multiple domains. Experienced employees of the company will conduct forecasting to gauge the interest of the customers and understand the demand. Based on that, the company will produce the appropriate quantity to ensure that the customers will receive their goods on time and there are no shortages.


Even though General Range PCD Pharma Franchise is giving the franchises independence to make their own decisions, it also makes sure that they are there for them when they are required. There is a 24×7 helpline to clear any doubts these owners might have. Once the franchise owners are signed up with the company, it will ensure that marketing, professional, and moral support are offered.


All the orders are delivered on time. To achieve this task, care is taken to confirm that quality is not affected by the interests. The company has a well-developed transportation network. All international and Indian standards are followed to ensure the quality of the product.

Before choosing a franchise company, it is essential to know more about the benefits that can be given. Crystomed Pharma company follows FMP and WHO guidelines to manufacture its products. With all the assistance that is being offered, if there are any people interested in doing a successful business, then this is the company for you.

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